Bedside cabinet maintenance skills


1, usually have to regularly wax the bedside table, onl […]

1, usually have to regularly wax the bedside table, only the usual maintenance and maintenance are often used.

2, making tea on the bedside table, will leave a good-looking piece of smudges overnight. At this time, you can sprinkle some water on the table, wipe it with the foil paper in the cigarette box, and then scrub it with water to wash off the tea stains.

3, hot cups and other indirectly placed on the furniture paint surface, will leave a circle of hot marks. Ordinary use only kerosene, alcohol, toilet water or tea dampened with rags, or use iodine to wipe or apply a layer of petroleum jelly on the hot marks; wipe the hot marks with a rag every two days. Eliminate.

4, the rattan bedside cabinet will have scale, discoloration, can be scrubbed with salt water, can be decontaminated, but also make it soft and flexible. Wipe with a wet hand towel to keep it clean.

5, the white bedside table in the home is very easy to soil, do not easily wipe the dirty marks with a rag, try to squeeze the toothpaste on a clean rag, just quietly wipe, the stain on the furniture will be removed. Do not force too much, do not hurt the paint surface.

6. When there is a crack in the wooden bedside table, you can cut the old newspaper, take a lot of alum, cook it into a paste with water or rice soup, then embed it in a crack with a knife and smooth it. After drying, it will be very strong and then coated. With the same color of paint, the wood can be restored to its original appearance.

7. If the furniture is scratched and not touched with wood, use the same color of crayon or pigment as the furniture to apply on the wound surface of the furniture to cover the exposed base color, and then apply a thin layer of translucent nail polish.

8. If the backboard of the bedside table is deformed by large-scale dampness, the furniture must be flat on the four-foot pad. Otherwise, the uneven force will be deformed. The push-pull type wardrobe door does not need to be installed with a mirror. The mirror is too heavy and too heavy. The door is lowered and the track is changed.

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