Easily overlooked points for buying a bedside table


In most families, the bedside table is a must-have for […]

In most families, the bedside table is a must-have for the bedroom, which can be stored and placed in the bedroom. Although it is small furniture, if you buy it wrong, it will have a big impact on the overall atmosphere of the room. So how to choose a bedside table?

1. Look at the style

Choose the bedside table according to the style of the bedroom and your own preferences. If the bedroom space is small, you can choose a more personalized bedside table to highlight the three-dimensional feeling.

2. Look at the image

Match according to the shape of the bed. Generally speaking, the beds are generally square, but in recent years round beds and special-shaped beds have gradually emerged. The shape of the cabinet next to the bed is also more diverse and is no longer limited to the traditional square shape. Fancy bedside tables can be selected according to the shape of the bed.

3. Demand

Generally, the bedside table is 2 floors, and there are also 3-4 floors. If you just want to store things in the bedside table, up to 2 floors are enough; if there are too many storage items, it is recommended to use multiple display beds.


4. Inspection area

If the room is small, you can only place one bedside table, try to choose a strong design to reduce its monotony; if the room is larger, the two bedside tables have a better symmetry effect and can store items;

5. Observation materials

The high-quality bedside cabinet has delicate and smooth edges, good hand feeling, straight and smooth edge banding. Professional manufacturers use straight edge banding machines to complete the process at one time, with uniform gluing and stable pressure to ensure the most accurate size.

6. Look at the panel

The bedside cabinet board is also called the bedside cabinet board cutting. It is the first production process. The exquisite craftsmanship makes the bedside cabinet board extremely accurate. There are no seams or cracks on the edge of the board.

7. The details of success or failure

No matter what you buy, the most important thing is to look at the details. The details of the bed are the sliders on the bedside drawer. Before buying, you must pull it several times to see if the slide rail is not smooth or loose left and right, and also pay attention to whether the drawer gap is even.


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