How to check the safety performance of solid wood furniture


The strength of the board surface of solid wood furnitu […]

The strength of the board surface of solid wood furniture can be pressed by fingers to feel the firmness of the board surface. One side of the material should be fixed with a Tic-Tac-shaped frame. If the frame is sparse, you will feel empty and unreal when you press the surface, and the panel will vibrate greatly; the bottom of the drawer should be pressed by hand to test the strength. Generally, the bottom of the partition is usually laminated with a large area. The partition should be made of five-layer boards.

Safety performance

Observe whether the drawer or door frame is tilted, whether the mortise eye position is skewed, or the eye hole is too large, the tenon is not tight, and other parts are skewed due to the low level of craftsmanship.

Wooden furniture must have safety and stability. When the two cabinet doors are opened 90 degrees, gently pull forward with your hands. The cabinet should not automatically tilt forward; the glass of the bookcase door must be polished; the full-length mirror and The dressing table should be installed with a back panel, and the glass surface should be fixed by the bead. The individual parts of the furniture (such as legs, drawers, cabinet doors or brackets, etc.) must have sufficient support. You can gently push the upper corner of the furniture or sit on the side to test whether the furniture is firm.

Check the interface

For heavier furniture, use screws to add protective blocks at the corners and stick them well. As for the back panel, you must also check whether it is inlaid properly and install the screws.

Good solid wood furniture is connected by tongue-and-groove methods, and where the local load-bearing capacity is relatively large, screws and protective blocks are also used for reinforcement. If all the solid wood furniture you see is fixed by screws, then the firmness of this kind of furniture is not high. To judge the firmness of the furniture, you can judge the stability by shaking the furniture.

Test slide

The drawer should be sturdy and fastened with screws inside. You may wish to open the drawers, movable tabletops, cabinet doors and other parts to see if they can be used freely and correctly connected.

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