How to choose a bedroom dresser


1. Thinking about the styles of dressing table.There ar […]

1. Thinking about the styles of dressing table.There are many styles of dressing table. In the end, we can choose according to our own hobbies. However, we seem to like the dressing table based on appearance, but we can choose a surface that is easy to settle. , So that it will not destroy the exterior of the dressing table, and the time of choice should also be connected to the style of the home.

2. The mirror of the dressing table.The mirror of the dressing table is very important for us girls, because we choose a good mirror so that we can see every angle of our face when we are looking in the mirror, and can see clearly The blemishes of makeup on our face are corrected in real time.

3. The quality of the dressing table. Many dressing tables are artificially processed. When we are buying, we should check whether the dressing table has excessive formaldehyde. Not only need to see the pass certificate, but also personally smell it. Whether there is a pungent smell, if there is a relatively high formaldehyde content, it cannot be purchased.

4.The size of the dressing table.The size of the dressing table is very important. This determines whether it is inconvenient for us to sit behind the dressing table, whether the status of the cosmetics is large enough, and the height can be determined based on our own height.

5. Chairs for the dressing table. Ordinary dressing table is equipped with a chair in the city, but some dressing tables are not equipped, but we are best to choose the equipment chair amount, so that the dressing table as a whole looks a little more harmonious.



Matters needing attention when purchasing bedroom dressing table:

1. Dressing table style. Everyone has their own different aesthetic eyes, so when choosing the appearance, it only needs to be the collective favorite, but the best choice is to paint the surface of the dressing table, so that it is easy to clean up, and the cosmetics will not penetrate the dressing table. Inside, affect the appearance of the dressing table. At the same time, you can also choose the style of the dressing table according to the overall style of the room.

2. The mirror of the dressing table. When the mirror of the dressing table is filtering, you can’t just take a look at it and feel like you can. The mirror of the dressing table must be a folded design, so that you can see all angles of your face when you are looking in the mirror, and you can see clearly. To which one of my central makeup looks is successful.

3.The quality of the dressing table. The dressing table may be made of artificial panels. The owner should check its quality certificate when screening, see the formaldehyde content and quality description of the panels, and it is best to get close to the dressing table and smell it to see if it has a pungent smell. If so, It is best not to purchase.

4. The size of the dressing table. The best size of the dressing table is 400*1000 (40 cm wide and 100 cm long), so it is easy to place cosmetics. If the size of the dressing table is too small and the cosmetics are not placed, it will be more troublesome. The height of the dressing table is generally between 70-75 cm, which is more suitable for owners of average height.

5. The matching chair for the dressing table. When selecting a dressing table, you must ask clearly whether there is a matching chair or not. The best choice is a dressing table with a matching chair, so that there is no overall lack of harmony, which will cause trouble for my dressing.

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