How to choose the items placed on the bedside table


If your room has a beautiful bedside table, but you don […]

If your room has a beautiful bedside table, but you don't know what to put on it, is it a waste of waste? When we buy the bedside table, we consider both the aesthetics and the practicality, but the problem is that we don’t know what to put on it. Sometimes we put some small things in a mess, which will definitely make you The bedside table of Meimei is very wasteful and unsightly, and it has lost its grade. What is good for the bedside table? In fact, this must also combine the style of your entire room with some of your own preferences, habits and the like. Let me tell you how to choose the items placed on the bedside table.

Bedroom furniture set

The first thing to consider is practicality. Emergency medicine, a glass of water and an alarm clock can be placed on the bedside table. Emergency medicine can sometimes be used for our lives. There are two main types of diseases that can cause immediate illness: one is myocardial infarction; the other is stroke, so it is necessary to put a few aspirin on the bedside table. Put a glass of water on the bedside table so that you don't have to get out of bed to drink water when you feel thirsty at night. The alarm clock is essential for both work and school, just in the bedside table.

Second, we must consider decorative. You can put some small accessories you like on the bedside table, such as photos with photo frames, some car models, dolls that girls like, books they like. It is necessary to place a family portrait on the bedside table, which makes the whole bedroom look very warm. If you have a habit of reading before going to bed, you can put a few magazines or favorite writers on the bedside table to make it easier for you to read before going to bed. Some people may like to place some of their favorite star ornaments on the bedside table, and girls like to put some crafts, which is also good.

The final consideration is to highlight the personality. Everyone's preferences and personality characteristics are different. Sometimes we need to show our personality on the items placed on the bedside table. The bedside table actually has limited space. The general bedside table will have several drawers. Those who like snacks can put some in the drawer. Friends who like cartoons can put some high-end cartoons (figure), such as: candle lantern, Hatsune Miku Model, office robots, etc. Friends who like to chase stars can put some star signature photos, star wood carvings, crystal models and so on. Science fiction fans can place some props in sci-fi movies or simulation models of spacecraft.

In fact, the bedside table is not so much attention, put some emergency medicines, the rest of the items can be placed according to their own preferences, the bedroom is their own private space, as long as they feel comfortable and convenient. Of course, the bedside table items should not be placed too messy, and it is necessary to develop a neat habit. Also, things that are harmful to the body cannot be placed on the bedside table, such as radioactive objects (generally heavy metal items) and harmful gas emissions (individual plants or painted accessories).

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