How to choose the right dressing table


The dressing table is the furniture used for makeup and […]

The dressing table is the furniture used for makeup and one of the necessary furniture in the bedroom. It is not only helpful for women's makeup, but also has a decorative effect on the interior. The choice of dressing table is a very important thing in the hearts of many girls, so how to choose a dressing table? What are the tips for choosing a dresser?

1. Color

Color matching is the most important thing in the interior decoration. If the main color of the room is light color and there is no jumping color for embellishment, then suddenly a red and purple dressing table is placed, and the overall look is It will always give people a very abrupt feeling. Therefore, the overall harmony and comfort should be the main color matching.

2. Style

Everyone has their own different aesthetic vision, so as long as you choose the appearance you like, it is best to choose the appearance of the dressing table with paint, so that it is easy to clean up, and the cosmetics will not penetrate into the dressing table and affect the dressing. The appearance of the table.

3. size

The countertop size of the dressing table is best 40*100 cm, so that it is easy to put cosmetics. If the size of the dressing table is too small, the cosmetics cannot be placed, it will be more troublesome. The height of the dressing table is generally between 70-75 cm, which is more suitable for consumers of ordinary height.



4. Mirror

When choosing the mirror of the dressing table or in the inspection and acceptance, it’s good to just look at it. The mirror of the dressing table must be a folding design, so that when you look in the mirror, you can see all angles of your face, clearly See where I have a problem with my makeup.

5. Chair

When choosing a dressing table, be sure to ask if there is a matching chair. It is best to choose a dressing table with a matching chair, so that it will not be overall inconsistent and cause trouble for your dressing.

After buying your favorite dressing table, you should always pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. Generally speaking, do not wipe directly with a damp cloth, just wipe with a clean cloth dipped in a small amount of water.

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