How to design a dressing table that is practical and beautiful


1. Freestanding dressing table The free-standing dressi […]

1. Freestanding dressing table

The free-standing dressing table is generally a finished dressing table sold in a furniture store. Its types and shapes are relatively rich, and there are many choices. This dressing table can be moved at will, if it is placed on the bedside, it can also replace the bedside table function.

However, it is difficult to buy the right size when buying a free-standing dressing table, especially if the bedroom area is limited or irregular; secondly, the color style needs to be consistent with the furniture, otherwise it will appear very inconsistent.

2. One-piece dressing table

Combine with wardrobe

Beautiful, clean and generous bedrooms generally use custom cabinets, and part of the countertop is extended in combination with the wardrobe design, which is integrated with the wardrobe, which is neither obtrusive nor too monotonous. A compact and high-value dressing table, combined with a top wardrobe, makes full use of the space while also making the bedroom more integrated.

Use the position of the closet and the corner to place the dressing table. The small grid above and the drawer in the middle can be used to store the hostess's skin care products and other small things. It can also be used as an office desk at ordinary times.

Combine with bedroom TV cabinet

The bedroom TV cabinet is also a good place to rely on the dressing table. The extended TV cabinet is used as the dressing table. The round mirror and artistic storage rack will light up the monotonous TV background wall, and it can also solve all kinds of bottles and cans at one time. The storage problem.

The dressing table, which is combined with the height of the bedroom TV cabinet, only occupies a small corner. The height is patchy. The lightweight and exquisite customized design has a strong decorative effect, making the originally monotonous space instantly rich and layered.

Combine with bedside table

The bedroom space is limited, you can remove a bedside table, customize a small and lightweight dressing table, and make a cp combination with the bedside table, the color is consistent, make full use of the space to meet a variety of life needs, the best of both worlds, and easy to use.

The dressing table combined with the bedside table, the width and height of the dressing table must be adjusted according to the actual size of the bedroom and the use requirements; if it is on the side of the wardrobe, consider whether the wardrobe door can be opened and closed normally.

Combined with bay window

With bay windows, the bedroom seems to have more possibilities. Utilizing the chicken ribs of the bay window corner to increase the dressing table design, it is more integrated, and the natural light source for auxiliary makeup is more abundant. One side of the dressing table is against the wall, and it is matched with a highly decorative customized mirror cabinet, which successfully solves the classification storage and placement of cosmetics.


3. Hanging dressing table

In addition to an integrated dressing table and a free-standing dressing table, there is also a hanging dressing table embedded in the wall. This kind of dressing table is generally custom-made by hand. Although there are not many types of styles, it is small and flexible and does not occupy space. It does not land and has no sanitary corners. It is a gospel for lazy cancer.

If the space is limited and the dressing table is too luxurious, then you can consider this simple dressing table with mirrors, partitions, and shelves hung on the wall... This design is suitable for young ladies who don't often make up.

The dressing table is not only in the bedroom! If you have a relatively empty corner in your home, such as small spaces such as the entrance of the foyer, the recess of the wall, etc., you can also design a dressing table that integrates display and utility. Paired with exquisite small chandelier, it can easily become the highlight of the space!

Dressing table lighting design

The lighting of the dressing table must meet two requirements: one is uniform and the other is soft.

Even light illuminates the entire face, leaving no dead shadows, so that you can draw beautiful natural makeup. Avoid independent spotlight design and choose a mirror with even light sources around to make the face shine more evenly.

If the light is too strong, the eyes will be pierced and uncomfortable when staring at the mirror, which will affect the makeup experience. Therefore, the illuminance of the light is about 200lx, and the color temperature can be selected between 2700K-4500K. This kind of light simulates natural light, is soft and comfortable, and helps to draw more natural makeup.

Achieving the exquisiteness and beauty of life depends on not only a heart that yearns for beauty, but also the space that can support our dreams. For modern people, furniture is not only a practical product, but also an attitude to life. Customized furniture is increasingly recognized by consumers for its outstanding product characteristics. The whole house customization can not only make reasonable use of the various spaces in the home, but also ensure the harmony and unity of the overall home environment.

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