How to inspect the surface of solid wood furniture


Touch surface Place your hands on the surface of the fu […]

Touch surface

Place your hands on the surface of the furniture and carefully check whether the polished surface is smooth. In particular, check whether the table feet and other parts are rough, whether there are streaks in the paint, whether the corner paint is too thick, and whether there are cracks or bubbles.

When the panel is covered with thin wood and other materials, the color should be similar to that of the complete product. The surface paint film of the product is not allowed to be wrinkled, sticky, or leaking.

Solid wood furniture is most afraid of water and fire. Needless to say about fire, there is an old saying about being afraid of water: dry for a thousand years, wet for a thousand years, dry and wet for a year, it is about the fear of water in solid wood. The surface of the furniture is especially the most effective way to prevent moisture from invading the furniture. Therefore, carefully check whether the furniture has not been painted, the key points: the top and bottom of the cabinet door, and the inside of the cabinet. Touch the paint surface with your hands to see if there are burrs, bubbles, etc.

Handstand test

Turn the chair and cushioned furniture upside down and see how they are made.

As for the table, check from the bottom. Check if the seams are reinforced with screws and wedges. Are the slats and rails fastened tightly? Is there any excess glue and filler in the seams.

Judging the origin

Pay special attention to the origin of solid wood furniture and timber manufacturers. There is an old saying, "Solid wood is no more than the Yangtze River", which means that after the solid wood furniture produced in the south reaches the north, the moisture content will be affected by the climate, which will easily cause cracks and deformation. So when you buy, you must see the place of origin.

Drawer details

The drawer should be sturdy and tight, and the screws should be tightened inside. May wish to open the drawers, movable tabletops, cabinet doors and other parts to ensure that they can be used freely and correctly connected. The bottom of the drawer has a certain thickness, and the bottom of the drawer is connected by a groove instead of a nail.

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