How to maintain solid wood furniture


Solid wood furniture is furniture made of solid wood. S […]

Solid wood furniture is furniture made of solid wood. Such furniture not only looks very textured, but also very environmentally friendly and durable. Therefore, many people like to use solid wood furniture in daily life, so everyone knows how to maintain solid wood furniture. Are there any? How to clean solid wood furniture better?

Maintenance method of solid wood furniture

1. To maintain solid wood furniture, first of all, it is necessary to clean the solid wood furniture with a soft cloth regularly, because the solid wood furniture is very prone to dust, which will affect the appearance of the furniture.

2. In addition, the maintenance of solid wood furniture also requires regular waxing, which can help the wood to lock in moisture and prevent the furniture from cracking and deforming.

3. Finally, you need to maintain solid wood furniture, and you also need to pay attention to keep solid wood furniture away from heat sources such as heating and air conditioning to avoid deformation and cracking of solid wood furniture.

How to clean solid wood furniture

1. Milk cleaning: To clean solid wood furniture, you can clean it with milk. Use a soft cloth dipped in milk to wipe the solid wood furniture, which has a good effect of clearing dirt, and then wipe it with clean water.

2. Tea residue cleaning: In addition to milk can clean solid wood furniture, tea is also possible. Wrap some tea residues with gauze to wipe solid wood furniture, which can also make solid wood furniture bright and clean.

3. Rough cleaning: White vinegar should be a common condiment in daily life. In fact, it can also clean solid wood furniture. Add a proper amount of white vinegar to hot water and wipe the solid wood furniture with a soft cloth. Clean the furniture.

What are the advantages of solid wood furniture

1. The biggest advantage of solid wood furniture is that it is natural and environmentally friendly, because solid wood furniture uses natural wood, and the amount of glue used in the production process is less, so it is more environmentally friendly.

2. In addition, the solid wood furniture is also very beautiful, and it looks very good at home.

3. In addition, solid wood furniture also has a certain appreciation space, and the service life is very long.

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