How to place the dressing table correctly


The female bedroom usually has a dressing table, which […]

The female bedroom usually has a dressing table, which is convenient for the hostess to make up and dress up. There are many styles of dressers, how to design a dresser to look good? When we choose, we should not only pay attention to the overall style, but also pay attention to placing it in the correct position. So how to place the dressing table?

1. How to design the dressing table to look good?

Combined with the dressing table design of the wardrobe, the facade is more visually cleaner

When planning a wardrobe for your room, remember to take the dressing table design into consideration! For example, you can entrust a carpenter or manufacturer to set aside a corner of the dressing table, or use the method of embedding in the middle, which can not only meet the required functions, but also reduce the huge visual experience of the wall cabinet.

Retractable mirror cabinet to solve the problem of bottle placement

I hope the room can be more tidy, but there are so many cosmetics and various bottles and cans that there are nowhere to put them? At this time, it is recommended to choose a mirror cabinet with storage and mirror. When you want to make-up, you can use the mirror directly by opening it. It can also be used as a work desk when it is closed without the interference of the mirror.

The dressing table is designed to connect the dressing room, and the overall function is more powerful

Of course, if you still have room in your room, you can divide the dressing room, the dressing area can go in with the design or be next to it, and it can even be connected to the bathroom, which is the most ideal state. In this way, not only can the processes such as washing, applying makeup, fitting and fitting, etc. be seamlessly integrated, if the storage space of the dressing table is insufficient, you can also directly use the dressing room space to make up, keeping the sleeping area fresh and tidy.



2. How to place the dressing table?

The dressing table cannot face the bedroom door

From the perspective of feng shui, the dressing table is a good place to gather wealth. It is suitable for our bedroom, but it cannot face the door, because the bedroom door is where the aura of the bedroom flows. If the dressing table mirror faces the bedroom door, it is easy to wash away, which will affect your health, and will reflect the wealth of the family and cause bankruptcy.

Can not be placed directly opposite the bed

The bedroom dressing table should not be placed in the direction of the bed, because this can easily lead to people’s mental tension and emotional instability, and even affect people’s sleep quality. Sometimes they will be affected by waking up in the middle of the night. My own shadow is frightened, and the mirrors of the dressing table face off against each other, which will have very unfavorable consequences for human sleep, so the dressing table must not face the bed.

Don't underestimate the placement of the dressing table. This is true in Feng Shui. At least the dressing table cannot face the door and bed because of the mirror, otherwise you will be frightened if you are not paying attention.

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