Matters needing attention when choosing bedside table


Although the bedside table is not the protagonist of th […]

Although the bedside table is not the protagonist of the bedroom, two bedside tables are usually chosen to match when buying a bed.

In addition, in some bedroom units, there may not be enough space to put the bedside table, and most people will choose to abandon the bedside table without hesitation, because the bedside table takes up space.

Without the bedside table, does it really have no effect on daily life? With questions, let's talk about those things about the bedside table.

What is the use of the bedside table?

Let's talk about the use of a bedside table first, and then decide whether or not to have a bedside table.

I believe that many people have not noticed the role of the bedside table, otherwise they would not think about giving up the bedside table. In fact, its role is still very large. I will give you a detailed analysis from the three aspects of practicality, decoration, cleanliness and beauty.

1. Practicality

Imagine: If you don't have a bedside table, you can lie in bed at night and play with your mobile phone. When you want to sleep, where do you put your mobile phone, glasses, etc.? Or charge the phone before going to bed. Where can I get the charger? Or read a book casually in bed, where do you put it after reading?

Most people don't choose to get up on purpose and find a place to put these items, but choose a place that is easily accessible. At this time, a bedside table can solve these problems perfectly.

This shows that daily life is difficult to leave the bedside table.

2. Decorative

Although the bedside table is not conspicuous, it plays a certain role in the auxiliary decoration of the bed and the overall beauty of the bedroom.

The style and style of the bedside table are very closely related to the bed, and they are harmoniously matched with each other, which can enhance the coordination and beauty of the bedroom space. Moreover, the tabletop of the bedside table can be placed on photos, too much, potted plants and other decorations to further create space The atmosphere is warm, romantic, high-grade and so on.

3. Keep it clean and beautiful

To keep the bedside table clean and beautiful, the design of the storage space is essential.

The items stored in the general bedside table are relatively small, so choose 1 to 2 drawers or 1 drawer with a hollow shelf at the bottom to achieve multi-functional storage, and organize things neatly to keep the bedroom clean and tidy. Beautiful atmosphere.

The practicability, decoration, neatness and beauty of the bedside table can all be realized on the basis of storage.

Would you like a bedside table?

After understanding the function of the bedside table, whether or not a bedside table, the answer is definitely needed.

But for the traditional bedside table, although it has a great effect, and has the advantages of simple appearance, good privacy, and dust prevention, but for the bedroom space where the bedside table cannot be placed, no matter how many advantages are "disadvantages".


So how to choose a bedside table?

1. Elderly room

The decoration style of the elderly room is generally based on a stable atmosphere. The first choice for the bed is a large solid wood bed in brown tones. Therefore, with a traditional bedside table, the stable and atmospheric shape of a unified style can create a stable atmosphere.

Moreover, categorizing medicines, glasses and other items into categories can maintain the unity of the visual space without destroying the stable charm.

2. Youth room

For young people who pursue fashion and individuality, traditional bedside tables are relatively old-fashioned and can’t keep up with the trend. Therefore, more styles of bedside tables are given, such as round tables, stools, trolleys, shelves, etc., which are very good substitutes. .

3. What should I do if I can't fit the bedside table?

The bedroom does not have enough space to put the bedside table, so it is recommended to use flexible and lightweight bedside table substitutes, niches, and storage behind the bed.

Among these methods, flexible and portable bedside tables, such as small carts, are recommended. This is the most trouble-free method and does not require excessive time and budget.

Another method is also recommended-wall reconstruction method, hollow out part of the wall on the background wall of the bedside to make a niche. This method does not take up space and is beautiful and practical.

There is also an extension of the wall modification method-store it behind the back of the bed, directly on the horizontal line where the headrest is flush, and install a shelf, and this shelf can be fixed on the headrest or on the wall , This kind of bedroom type is more suitable for a bedroom with a larger space at the end of the bed after the bed is placed.

Matters needing attention for bedside table

1. The height of the bedside table is generally on the same level as the mattress, or the height differs from the mattress by about 10cm. This height is the most comfortable to use.

2. Generally there are two bedside tables, which will be more symmetrical and coordinated, and the cabinets on the left and right sides can be used to place things, which will be more convenient to use, and if there is only one bedside table, the things must pass through the hands of another person. , Is also very inconvenient.

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