Placement of dressing table in bedroom


Except that it must not be equal to us, it is worth our […]

Except that it must not be equal to us, it is worth our attention that the dressing table must not be placed on the bed, especially the mirror is facing the bed. The mirror has a reflective function, which is a shabby thing. We have a relative influence on a person's mental state. It is easy to cause us to be nervous and emotionally unstable. Therefore, the mirror must not be directly facing the door. They are breaths, the mirror has reflections, and the two hedge. The evil spirit is getting heavier.

In fact, when we put the dressing table, the most ideal position is to orient the dressing mirror and keep it parallel to the bed to form a coordinated and balanced feng shui magnetic field, so that not only will the mirror not be directly illuminated. To people, you can also avoid direct confrontation with them, which can create a harmonious and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. Therefore, the dressing table is also taboo against the toilet and the kitchen diagonally. We should never do whatever we want when it is placed at home. I think the small dressing table is placed with feng shui. In fact, it is indirectly related to your physical health.

Cosmetics on the dressing table should also pay attention to beauty. The most common small cosmetics such as body lotions, lipsticks, powder boxes, eyebrow pencils are placed on the table, so brushes, hair dryers, curlers, etc. Keep it in the cabinet or drawer to keep the dresser beautiful. The male host has millions of people. To save trouble, you have turned your dressing table into a desk or dining table.

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