The bedside table should be selected according to daily use needs


Many people do not have high requirements for the purch […]

Many people do not have high requirements for the purchase of bedside tables, and usually bring a pair when buying a bed.

On the surface, the bedside table is actually used very frequently. It is not only a simple storage cabinet, but also a bedside storage space that meets our midnight drinking and charging needs. So, how to choose an environmentally friendly bedside table with guaranteed quality that suits you? Here are some tips for everyone.

View requirements: The bedside table is selected according to the needs of daily use. Some people only need to put the items in the bedside table. Then the single-layer drawer bedside table is enough

If you need to place a large number of items, you can choose the bedside table to be equipped with multiple display racks. The display racks can display a large number of accessories. It can also store other items such as books.

Look at the room size: if the room is small and you just want to have a bedside table, it is best to choose a strong design of the bedside table. The prominence of this design will reduce its monotony.

Look at the cutting board: the bedside table cutting board is also called the board material, which is the first process of cabinet production. The professional electric saw cutting machine controls the processing size by computer, and the dimensional accuracy of the opened plate is very high, and there is no chip on the edge of the plate. Compared with the small manual cutting saws used by non-standard manufacturers, the size error is larger, and stubble often occurs.

Edge sealing of the observation board: The edge sealing of the high-quality bedside table is delicate and smooth, with a good feel, the edge sealing line is straight and smooth, and the seams are fine. The professional factory adopts straight edge banding machine to complete it at one time, with uniform glue amount and stable pressure, ensuring product dimensional accuracy. Moreover, most of the non-standard factories are manually operated, with large errors, uneven pressure, and many places are not strong, which can also cause the volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

For a long time, the bedside table has always been a small role in bedroom furniture. It is often accompanied by one left and one right to set off the bed. Even its name is to complement the role of the bed. As a bedside table, its function is mainly to store some daily necessities and place a bedside lamp.

Now, with the upgrading of beds and the design of personalized wall lamps, the styles of bedside tables are also enriched, and the role of decoration is more important than practical. In the era when design was not focused on in the past, more and more design-conscious bedside cabinets are emerging. Their emergence makes the bedside cabinets no longer in pairs. Guards are step by step on both sides of the bed. Even if only one bedside cabinet is selected, there is no need to worry about it. Monotony

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