The differences between solid wood furniture and board furniture


When choosing furniture in our home, there are generall […]

When choosing furniture in our home, there are generally two types, one is plate furniture and the other is solid wood furniture. Consumers have less experience when choosing furniture, so there will be some entanglements, and I don't know which material is better.

The difference between solid wood furniture and panel furniture

1. Production materials

Solid wood furniture refers to pure solid wood furniture. It is a natural material that has not been processed again, and it is a furniture made without any artificial board.

The most common furniture on the market now is imitation solid wood furniture, which is a mixture of solid wood and wood-based panels, that is, particleboard and medium density board for side panels, top, bottom, and partitions, and solid wood for doors and drawers.

Panel furniture refers to furniture made of particleboard and medium density board for surface veneer or sprayed with various colors of paint. The most common panel furniture is mainly wood-grain simulation veneer, the effect is very realistic, and the hand feel and finish are very good.

2. Furniture style

The styles of solid wood furniture are simple and natural, and the raw materials are relatively more environmentally friendly, which satisfies people's psychology of returning to nature. The main disadvantage of solid wood furniture is that it is easy to deform and difficult to maintain.

For example, it cannot be exposed to direct sunlight, cannot be in an excessively hot or cold environment, and an excessively dry and humid environment is not suitable for solid wood furniture.

If the indoor temperature and humidity changes too much due to frequent switching of the air conditioner during use, even qualified solid wood furniture products will be deformed and cracked. It can be said that no matter what kind of wood is used and how exquisite workmanship is, this problem cannot be avoided.

Relatively speaking, the shape design of panel furniture is more diverse, which can show individuality and meet people's pursuit of individuality and fashion requirements. Moreover, panel furniture is not easy to deform or crack, and is easier to maintain.

Man-made panels are basically made of wood scraps, so panel furniture with qualified environmental protection indicators protects precious natural resources invisibly.

3. Production method

Solid wood furniture usually uses adhesives, and the finished product usually cannot be disassembled, which will be very inconvenient when moving.

Panel furniture usually uses a variety of metal hardware, which is very convenient to install and disassemble. Some panel furniture with high processing precision can be disassembled and installed many times.



Why is solid wood furniture better?

1. Improve the quality

Therefore, the quality of solid wood furniture is of high quality and is closer to reality and nature. Needless to say, the quality and texture of solid wood furniture are known to everyone. Wood and people actually have a sense of closeness to the weather. Therefore, the old saying goes: good birds and beasts, choose Wood and habitat.

2. Good environmental protection

As the plant that provides most of the earth's oxygen, forest trees are the most environmentally friendly, but the later processing of solid wood furniture made of trees requires a protective layer such as paint and wax on the surface to protect the wood and enhance the texture.

Bright furniture selects high-quality materials, clean taste process debenzene paint, 35 years of quality selection to help ideal life!

3. High durability

Everyone has seen classical furniture left over hundreds of years ago, and never seen wood-based panel furniture that can be passed down for dozens or hundreds of years. Of course, the structure must have a tenon and tenon structure.

4. Reusable

All the materials of solid wood furniture are reusable. Naturally, it is not a problem to move. It is also possible to return the wood to the factory to make furniture again. When wood-based panels are not used as furniture, they are construction and building materials garbage, and fires seriously pollute the air.

5. Exquisite craftsmanship

The shape of solid wood furniture can be varied, and all kinds of edges and corners can be made. Panel furniture is limited by the principle of material formation and edge sealing technology, and basically can only be made straight.

It is dull and dull without much aesthetics, and it is all melamine board facing paper. Compared with the various natural beautiful patterns and colors of solid wood, the artificial board feels relatively low.

6. Health benefits

This different wood has different characteristics. For example, Hainan Huanghua Pear is actually a kind of Chinese medicine, which can cure diseases, and its smell is good for human health.

For example, mahogany wood protects against evil spirits, camphor wood can repel insects and odors, pine wood rosin is good for heart disease, red pine has a good airtightness and does not smell, and rubber wood likes water for use in toilets.

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