The role of bedside tables-the magic of bedside tables


Bedside tables are placed from left to right. Chinese a […]

Bedside tables are placed from left to right. Chinese architecture is symmetrical. The double design of the bedside tables not only makes the space more harmonious and harmonious, but also improves the quality of sleep from the psychological suggestion. . From the perspective of feng shui, a bedside table of left and right will make couples happy and good fortune.The style of the bedside table is the same as that of the bedroom. The bedside table is the finishing touch of the furniture in the bedroom, so the bedside table must be consistent with the bedroom style, otherwise the entire bedroom environment will become nondescript and even affect people's mood.

The height of the bedside table is slightly higher than the bed. The bedside table is for convenience. If the bedside table is too high, when you get up in the morning and reach for the glasses or press the alarm clock, you will find that your hands are out of reach. This will not be a good experience. The height of the bedside table is slightly higher than the bed is the best, so positioning it will help improve sleep quality.

In simple terms, what is recommended is a design that combines the customized bedroom cabinets with the placement of the bedside. This also avoids the bedroom. The cabinet is a cabinet and the bed is a beautiful layout. There are many different ways to design a large cabinet on the bedside. A bedside table is indispensable in the bedroom where you can relax most. Books, eyes, eye drops, moisturizers, and other small things that we usually ignore, often surprise us how much can a bedside table hold? In addition to using the bedside table to enhance storage, it can also improve the overall visual effect of the bedroom. Use the bedside table rationally, and you will find that the storage can be so fashionable and creative. Such as this off-white private space, the bedside table dives into the wardrobe, which not only saves space, but also improves the texture of the space. It is a very fashionable and creative design.

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