Things to note when buying a bedside table


Before going to bed, we are always the "busiest" time, […]

Before going to bed, we are always the "busiest" time, either reading a book or watching a TV series, these are small things, but we will find that when we sleep, there are a lot of things that are not put properly, so the bedside table The importance is obvious.

But when decorating, many people will ignore this point, and it will be annoying when they need it, and they don't know how to choose the right bedside table.

First: When buying a bedside table, you must touch the edge of it with your hands to feel whether it is smooth and delicate. If it is machine-sealed, it is generally flat and stable; manual-sealing will have some rough edges or Places that are not smooth, so you must never give up easily.



Second: The bedside table is mainly used for storage, so be sure to try whether the drawer is smooth, and this depends on the sliding rail inside the drawer. If the drawer slides well, there will be no resistance to pushing and pulling. If you use inferior rails, There will be shaking, stuck problems.

Third, the more precise perforation means the stronger the bedside table and the strong resistance to pressure. Because the bedside table is generally assembled, many holes need to be punched on the bedside table. If there is an error in the size and spacing of the bedside table holes, it may increase, causing the bedside table to break easily.

Fourth, the more uniform the gap between the boards of the bedside table, the better the quality of the bedside table. When buying a bedside table, you must pay attention to it. The space between the plates is small, the gap is more uniform, and the quality of the bedside table is better.

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