Ways to install a dressing table in a small bedroom


It is every girl’s dream to have a beautiful dressing t […]

It is every girl’s dream to have a beautiful dressing table. After all, elegant makeup can make you confident all day. However, when the house is a small apartment, many people will abandon the dressing table. In fact, it is not difficult to place a dressing table in the bedroom normally. So how can the small bedroom dressing table be designed to be practical and beautiful?

There are three common materials for dressing tables in the market: pure solid wood material, board-wood combined material, and mahogany material. Among them, pure solid wood material is the choice of most families. Its biggest feature is that it is strong and durable, and it has a relatively long service life. Another outstanding advantage is that it is more environmentally friendly.

Combine design with wardrobe

For girls, the wardrobe and dressing table are the best partners. Their combined design can not only facilitate the entire dressing process of beauty, but also store various cosmetics and clothes in an orderly manner. The combination of wardrobe design is also a good way to solve the small space in the bedroom. When designing, you can install the bedroom door to an area as an integrated cabinet of a wardrobe and dresser. The flat open door design ensures that the occupant’s clothing is stored. Owner's accessories and other small things.



Integrate with the bedside table

There are usually two bedside tables in the bedroom. The bedroom space is small. It is recommended to remove one bedside table and replace it with a dressing table. Make a countertop and hang a mirror on it, so that it can be used as a dressing table and a bedside table. The space is beautiful and practical.

Use the wall to make a hanging dressing table

The height of the dressing table should generally be between 70-75 cm. This height is more suitable for owners of ordinary height. It is the same to use the wall to make a hanging dressing table. Refer to this size. The hanging dressing table reduces the occupation of the ground space, expands the wall space, avoids the overcrowding and clutter of the bedroom, and provides a relaxed and free resting place for the owner.

The above are the three ways to install a dressing table in a small bedroom. If your home is also a small space bedroom, you can use it as a reference when designing a dressing table.


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