What are the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multilayer board


It is understandable that solid wood multilayer boards […]

It is understandable that solid wood multilayer boards have been controversial in terms of performance indicators. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood multilayer boards, the main points are as follows:

The structure is stable and the force is even.

The production process of the multi-layer board is made by layered single boards through horizontal and vertical arrangement and pressurization. This structure makes the finished multi-layer board more stable in terms of performance and durable.

The raw materials are easy to control and environmental protection is guaranteed.

The raw material of the multi-layer board is the veneer after the wood peeling, without adding some waste leftovers, waste floors, waste paper boxes, earth and sand, etc. The raw material of the multilayer board can be directly seen through the cross section of the board, which is easier to control, and the environmental protection level is rapidly improved after the use of formaldehyde-free glue.

Many people who have moved home know this. The re-disassembly and assembly of inferior furniture will have a great impact on the overall quality of the furniture, and even some furniture cannot be assembled twice. However, due to the good nail holding power and the characteristics of the board, the multi-layer board will not affect the overall life of the furniture even if it is disassembled and assembled many times. For example, Yimeikang multilayer board.

Easy to process.

Anyone who has woodworking experience knows that multi-layer boards can be said to be one of the most easily processed boards among many furniture boards. There are no special requirements for processing machinery, processing saw blades, and processing techniques, and the processing is very convenient.


However, everything is good or bad. While multi-layer boards have many advantages, it is undeniable that there are also disadvantages. Mainly as follows:

Multilayer boards are not suitable for door panels.

The door panels here are mainly room doors, and multi-layer panels are not suitable for room doors due to their physical properties (currently being gradually improved). It can be used as a wardrobe door or a cupboard door.

Not suitable for carving.

Multilayer boards are not suitable for engraving on the surface, which is understood by many people in the industry. There will be burrs after engraving, so engraving is not recommended.

After comprehensive comparison, the advantages of multi-layer boards are more practical, while the disadvantages have no effect on the multi-layer boards for wardrobes and cabinets.

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of multi-layer boards, manufacturers of multi-layer boards must be strictly inspected.


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