What are the key points for purchasing panel office furniture


1. Surface quality Panel office furniture is based on m […]

1. Surface quality

Panel office furniture is based on man-made panels, such as particle board and medium density fiberboard. The surface is decorated with melamine, PVC, wood veneer and paper wood grain. The wood texture is clear and natural, smooth and smooth. Has a good visual effect and feel.

When buying, it mainly depends on the defects such as scratches, indentation, bubbling, degumming peeling and glue marks on the surface of the sheet; the wood grain pattern is natural and smooth, without the feeling of artificial creation; for symmetrical furniture, more attention is paid to the uniform color of the sheet surface Sexual harmony and texture make people feel that a symmetrical sheet is like a piece of material.

2. Production quality

Panel office furniture is assembled from shaped panels produced by cutting saws, decorative edge banding strips and assembling. The quality of its production mainly depends on the quality of the cutting saw, the quality of the side, and the quality of the board port. The boards used in the production of panel office furniture have the quality requirements of panel parts, verticality and flatness in the cutting saw. Generally speaking, the cutting technology of the plate is within 0.01 mm per meter, and the rear contour of the plate cutting saw with precision requirements is flat and the angle is good. After the furniture is made, the panels will not tilt. The accuracy of the saw blade during sawing will also affect the quality of the end face and edge of the board, and sawing defects such as scratches, cutting, and sag angle will also affect the appearance quality of the panel furniture. The side decorative surface mainly depends on whether the glue on the decorative parts is even. Whether the gap between the door and the drawer is too large, it is generally required to be between 1mm and 2mm, and whether the opening and pulling of the door and the drawer are flexible and free.

3. Hardware accessories

Panel furniture is made of metal parts and plastic parts as fasteners. Therefore, the quality of metal parts also determines the quality of office furniture inside the furniture. Metal parts require flexibility, smoothness, good surface plating treatment, no rust, burrs, etc., and higher accuracy of matching parts. The plastic parts have beautiful appearance and bright colors. Part of the force in use should have strength and elasticity, and should not be too thin. The open connector needs to be flexibly rotated, and the internal springs are tightly matched to keep the furniture stable when opened and in use.

4. Main dimensions

The national standards for the main dimensions (ie functional dimensions) of panel office furniture are subject to regulatory requirements. For example, the height of table top furniture is 680mm-760mm, and the height of the middle gap between the middle drawer and the desk from the lower edge to the ground should be greater than or equal to 580mm. The height of the gap between the bookcase layers should be greater than or equal to 520mm.

Please pay attention to the above main dimensions when buying, because if the furniture is smaller than the specified size, it will cause a lot of inconvenience during use and affect the use of the furniture.


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