What are the main types of bedside tables?


Single and double drawer bedside table:It can not only […]

Single and double drawer bedside table:It can not only display accessories, but also has a good storage capacity. According to actual needs, it can be transformed into a small TV cabinet. The price is between 300 yuan and 2,000 yuan.

Removable drawer bedside table
The bedside table with casters is very easy to move, and some small objects that don't want to be too far away can stay with them.
Open:There are no closed storage boxes, but there are exposed displays. The curved shape made of solid wood, the contrast of red and white, is more "feminine" and fashionable than the traditional founder bedside table.

Coffee table bedside table:The double-layered coffee table with frosted glass and metal design, placed next to the bed, is small and modern. The lower level of the coffee table can advance the space under the bed, while the upper level is just parallel to the bed edge, which is very convenient and practical.
Stool style:The reason why it is so called is that it adds the function of a stool to the nightstand. The upper and lower layers can be separated. The upper layer is a storage box with a wooden bedside table. The lower layer is a leather square table. After removing the storage box, it becomes the front of the bed.

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