What are the tips for buying a bedside table


The bedside table is now a very important piece of furn […]

The bedside table is now a very important piece of furniture in the bedroom, not only can play a good decorative role, but also convenient for us to place some items.

With the personalized design of the bed, there are more and more styles of bedside tables. Below, I will show you how to choose a bedside table.

Sheet edge banding

Look at the edge of the bedside table is fine, smooth, and feel good, the sealing line is straight and smooth, and the joints are fine. The professional factory uses a straight edge banding machine to complete the process at one time, with uniform glue application and stable pressure, ensuring the most accurate size.

However, most of the non-standard factories are manually operated, with large errors, uneven pressure, and weak places in many places, which can also cause the volatilization of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.


Many bedside tables are assembled. Therefore, it is necessary to punch many holes in the plate for connection and assembly during production. The accuracy of the hole positions will directly affect the firmness of the bedside table.

Professional factories use multi-row drilling equipment to complete drilling at one time, and the positioning accuracy of the holes is guaranteed. Irregular manufacturers use simple row drills, or even pistol drills to drill holes, and the positioning size error is large, and it is difficult to ensure firmness and accuracy.

Conference Board

The cutting board of the bedside cabinet is also called the cutting of the board, which is the first process of cabinet production. The electronic cutting saw used by the professional factory controls the processing size through the computer, and the precision of the board size is very high, and there is no chipping at the edge of the board.

However, non-standard manufacturers use small manual cutting saws, resulting in large dimensional errors and often chipping.


Although the drawer slides are very small details, if the manufacturer does not operate standardly during production, it is prone to errors in the hole position and the size of the plate.

As a result, there will be an error in the size of the slide rail installation, resulting in a situation where the drawer is not pulled smoothly or the left and right sides are loose. Pay attention to whether the drawer gap is even.


Assembly effect

Any dimensional errors in the production process will be manifested in the door panels. The door panels produced by specialized enterprises are horizontal and vertical, and the gap between the door panels is uniform.

However, non-standard manufacturers of bedside cabinet door panels will have uneven door gaps, ranging from large to small.

Height dimension

Generally speaking, if the height of the bedside table matches the top of the mattress, its height is more appropriate. However, this height value is not too strict, and it can be higher or lower than 10cm.

Due to differences in people's usage habits, the height and placement method can be determined according to personal habits.

Number of drawers

When buying a bedside table, we have to choose according to our own family needs. If there are fewer items to store, you can choose 1 to 2 drawers.

If there are a lot of things to store, you can choose 3-4 floors or a bedside table with multiple display racks.


The bedside table and the bed are related to each other, and attention should be paid to the matching problem between the two.

Therefore, when purchasing a bedside table, pay attention to whether the style, style and details match the bed, so that the bedroom space can be coordinated and beautiful.

When we are shopping, we must choose those that suit us. This will not only enhance the overall decoration effect of our bedroom, but also bring us a good mood.

In addition, when we buy bedside cabinets, we must choose products of good quality, so that we can use them more at ease.


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