What factors need to be considered when choosing furniture


Consolidate and durable It requires high quality, verit […]

Consolidate and durable

It requires high quality, veritable, robust and reliable. If it is pure wooden furniture, pay attention that its water content cannot exceed 12%. It is best to choose a tenon joint structure instead of a nail gun assembly. The furniture must be simple and straight, the diagonals must be consistent, the landing must be stable, the hardware components must be strong, and the doors and drawers must be opened sensitively. The appearance of leather furniture must be smooth, free of bubbles, cracks, and seams.

Consistent style

The style, style, and color should be consistent and harmonious, with changes in the details. The selection of furniture must pay attention to "color and taste", which must be in line with the company's civilization and business nature.

Reserved space

Longing for change is a common mentality of modern people, and the placement of the room and the purchase of furniture are also the same. No matter how beautiful and luxurious a room is decorated, as time goes by, this sense of novelty and beauty will also weaken. Therefore, the room furniture should not be placed too full. It is necessary to leave room for adjusting the position of the furniture. It is recommended to choose movable furniture to facilitate future adjustments. It is recommended to choose furniture that can be adjusted to facilitate future adjustments.


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