What is the maintenance method of solid wood furniture


1. First of all, when we choose solid wood furniture, w […]

1. First of all, when we choose solid wood furniture, we need to spend some time to choose. After all, the furniture will take a long time. It is best to choose the better quality, the quality is guaranteed, and it is best to choose the furniture from the regular manufacturer.

2. Nowadays furniture, especially wardrobes, are generally more advanced nowadays. They are all sliding. When selecting, you must check to avoid safety hazards. If there is a problem with the sliding door, it will also affect the overall quality of the wardrobe.

3. In daily life, pay attention to removing the dust from solid wood furniture, remember to wipe the dust with a soft dry towel, do not use a wet towel, because solid wood is afraid of water and may be deformed if it is wet.

4. If there are oil stains on the solid wood furniture that are not easy to clean, do not use cleaning agents indiscriminately, but use professional wood furniture cleaning agents, so that the stains can be cleaned.

5. In normal times, be careful not to have scratches. If there are scratches, it will affect the appearance of the furniture and also affect the service life. Therefore, try to avoid sharp objects contacting the solid wood furniture during use.

6. For solid wood furniture that has been used for a long time, the color may not be so fresh, so it is usually waxed, usually once a quarter, it is best to find professional personnel to wax and maintain.


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