What is the standard height of the dresser?


Because of the limited space in the bedroom, and the la […]

Because of the limited space in the bedroom, and the larger dresser is better, or choosing the size that suits you is the most important. What is the size of the dresser?

Prescribed size
According to actual needs, the size of the dresser is generally 1500mm in total height, so the width is 700mm to 1200mm. This size range is just right and suitable for the environment in each bedroom. Perhaps when choosing a dressing table, you also need to choose a suitable style and style. It is the best choice to match the interior completely.

The highest point of the dresser
The height of the dressing table is also very critical. Generally, there are two heights. One is that the mirror is very large and can be pressed on the whole body. Therefore, the highest point size is 450mm-600mm. The second is that the mirror can shine on the face. The highest point of this dresser is 700mm-740mm. Therefore, the second type will save more and more space, so the frequency of use is also very high.

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