What should be paid attention to when choosing a dressing table


The dressing table is something that every girl dreams […]

The dressing table is something that every girl dreams of, especially you can put some of your favorite cosmetics and skin care products on the beautiful dressing table, "the heart of beauty, everyone has it", it is convenient to dress yourself before going out Meimei, or do some personal care before going to bed at night to relieve stress. A beautiful dressing table is an indispensable item in the bedroom. Nowadays, the types and styles of dressing tables on the market are very rich, such as European style furniture style, Chinese style furniture style, rural style, etc. Many decoration owners are choosing dressing table At that time, I would be dazzled to choose, I don't know which one to choose. There is also the question of how to place the dressing table.

1. There are many styles of dressing table, and each decoration owner also has his own different aesthetic vision, so as long as you choose the appearance, there is no special selection standard; but the appearance of the dressing table is best to choose. Paint brushed, so it is easy to clean, so that the cosmetics will not penetrate into the dressing table and affect the appearance of the dressing table.

2. When choosing the mirror of the dressing table, the mirror should be of folding design, so that when you look in the mirror, you can see all angles of your face and clearly see where there is a problem with your makeup or something else.



3. The dressing table is mostly made of man-made plates. The decoration owners should check the quality certificate when choosing, look at the formaldehyde content of the plate and the quality description; it is best to get close to the dressing table and smell it to see if there is a pungent odor. , It is best not to buy.

Fourth, choosing a good dressing table is a matter of placement. This is very particular. First of all, it cannot be placed against the bedroom. If you walk into the bedroom without turning on the light, you may be frightened by the reflection in the mirror. After a long time, you will become frightened and nervous. When you go to the dressing table, your happiness will be greatly reduced. The dressing table mirror is taboo facing the bed. Sleeping in the mirror can easily lead to mental tension and emotional instability, which will affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, the flushing of the mirror will be detrimental to your sleep health. The ideal placement is to make the vanity mirror face in parallel with the bed and sit, forming a coordinated and balanced feng shui magnetic field. You can also choose a dressing table with a mirror that can be covered, and you can close the lid when not in use. The bedroom will not form such a rush. The editor here suggests that you can put the bedside table on the side of the bed and the dresser on the other side. This is the most reasonable placement at present. Of course, it can also be combined with the design suggestions of home improvement designers, which is beautiful and harmonious.


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