Why solid wood furniture is more valuable than panel furniture


If you accidentally have hot soup or tea on your furnit […]

If you accidentally have hot soup or tea on your furniture and accidentally get it on the furniture, but no matter how you wipe it, it is difficult to clean it, then you can choose to use waxing to do this The effect is very good. Except in spring and summer, which is a relatively dry season, you can put a little oil on the furniture to make the furniture look more shiny, and then wax it. As long as you maintain it in this way every year, then your furniture will have a certain life span. It will be very long. Especially for antique furniture and solid wood furniture, this requires more maintenance.

When you buy solid wood furniture, perhaps the shopping guide will tell you that the more you use solid wood furniture, the better it looks, and it will be no problem to pass on for generations, because it has value preservation. When the panel furniture is worn out, it can only be thrown away, and there is no room for value preservation.

If it is furniture made of very valuable wood, the value preservation space is very considerable (such as mahogany, but it is too expensive for ordinary people to afford). There are also some woods such as walnut, oak, and elm, the most important of which is 100% pure wood, which has a relatively high value. For example, some "solid wood furniture" made of unnamed hardwoods spliced ​​and spliced, the value needs to be considered, and it is difficult to guarantee that it will not be old or broken.

The biggest advantage of panel furniture is the price. It is economical and suitable for the civilian class. Although there is no such thing as value preservation, some high-quality furniture can be used for ten or twenty years. There are also good and bad products.

Solid wood furniture is more environmentally friendly than panel furniture

Most people think that solid wood furniture must be very environmentally friendly because it is made of wood. The panel furniture must not be environmentally friendly, because it is made of panels with a lot of glue inside. In fact, this kind of view is not enough. First of all, solid wood furniture is indeed made of wood, but the production of wood is also very particular. If the whole body of the furniture is made of a whole piece of wood (many mahogany furniture is the same), and there is no use of toothed wood at all, then the value is not in doubt. However, according to custom-made furniture, at least 50% of the brands known as solid wood furniture on the market will use tooth joints and mixed wood as auxiliary materials for furniture, so synthetic glue will also be used in the connection of wood panels.


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